Adley Mayo, South Haven HS – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

By Matt Browning

South Haven softball player Adley Mayo suffered serious injuries to both knees, which required surgery and subsequent rehabilitation at Advanced Physical Therapy.

It was an arduous process, but one that Mayo is thankful for.

“They really cared about how you were doing in recovery as well as well as outside,” Mayo said. “The staff was friendly, too.”

Mayo tore her ACL in both knees, as well as a partial meniscus tear. There were several treatments and exercises Mayo completed at Advanced Physical Therapy that were especially beneficial.

“Anything with a Bosu Ball because it helped engage my core as well as my legs, plus it was fun,” Mayo said. “Any sports specific exercises helped more as well, because it made doing work a lot more fun.”

It was a multiple week and multiple month process for Mayo as she continued to improve her movement and flexibility.

“I went to therapy about two times a week for six months and then once a week for two months,” Mayo said.