Belle Plaine’s Mya Field – Athlete Spotlight Presented By SCCDAT

By Matt Browning

Mya Field of Belle Plaine did not intend on joining SCCDAT initially, but the way paths crossed has been incredible for her.

“I initially got involved because my friend Taryn and I were doing a STAR event for our FCCLA club at our school,” Field said. “We were doing the project on helping prevent and raise awareness towards destructive decisions, and drunk driving. SCCDAT heard about this project and we decided to bring the club back to Belle Plaine.”

Belle Plaine’s SCCDAT is involved year-round with the student body in order to talk about making smart decisions.

“SCCDAT provides a lot of learning opportunities and nice activities for our school throughout the year such as chalk to write positive messages on the sidewalks outside the school, Halloween candy and positive notes for Halloween, giving us hearts and candy to put on lockers during valentines, and providing us with easter eggs and candy for Easter,” Field said.

Not only does Field work with students at Belle Plaine, but she has met other students who are devoted to making a difference.

“SCCDAT also has a lot of connections and they help hook our school up weather it’s providing us with supplies, or recommending amazing guest speakers,” Field said. “If any student mentioned they wanted to join SCCDAT I would definitely recommend for them to.”