Caldwell’s Miles Newell – Athlete Spotlight Presented By SCCDAT

By Matt Browning

Miles Newell of Caldwell has spent four years as a member of the SCCDAT program and it is a decision that has changed his life.

“If you are interested in joining, reach out to a current SCCDAT member,” Newell said. “SCCDAT does many things in the community and school to help make sure every student feels valued.”

All it took was the one invite for Newell.

“I was invited to a meeting to see what SCCDAT was, and joined shortly after,” Newell said. “I have been involved with SCCDAT all four years of high school.”

There are a variety of activities that Newell and the SCCDAT program at Caldwell host and partake in throughout the school year.

“We make chalk drawings in front of the school throughout the year, we hand out candy, we give out notes that encourage kids they are not alone in their battles and information on where to get help, and we also pass out notes on Valentine’s Day,” Newell said.

There is one thing that SCCDAT does that Newell thinks is most important.

“The biggest impact that we have are the notes we hand out during suicide prevention week,” Newell said. “It is very important to our school as a few years ago we lost a student to suicide and we want to make sure that everyone knows they are not alone.”