Campus’ Abigail Araiza – Athlete Spotlight Presented By USD 261 Haysville Schools

By Matt Browning

Campus girls basketball player Abigail Araiza has been going to the Haysville School District since second grade.

She said the district has been invaluable in her growth as a person and an athlete.

“The Haysville School District has provided me with a great education program since second grade when I attended Nelson Elementary,” Araiza said. “Being at Campus I have been involved in cheer, softball, and basketball all throughout high school and all my coaches have pushed me to get to where I am today.”

The opportunities the district provides for its students is one aspect that Araiza finds so impressive.

“We have amazing programs at Campus High School,” Araiza said. “Currently I am in the CNA program we have through WSU Tech. Campus has amazing opportunities for students of all types and plans for their future from their youngest point in the Haysville District.”

Araiza is the only senior on the Colts basketball team this year, so she wants to provide the leadership necessary for her team to be successful.

“I have always considered myself a leader and I’m excited to show the underclassmen how to get through adversity and be the best athlete possible,” Araiza said. “I have been attending conditioning and not only talking to the younger girls but gaining a relationship with our boys basketball team. This season we will continue to support each other all around.”