Collegiate’s Asa Ahmad – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Wichita Collegiate

By Blake Chadwick

Every team has their star players and star teammates. Wichita Collegiate senior Asa Ahmad is one of those players who knows that his role can change daily, and he will never complain.

The senior has been playing basketball for the last 14 years and has been the vocal leader on every team he has been a part of, which is not new to him and his journey as a great point guard.

“This year, my role was to be the point guard who gets everyone organized, play smart and sound basketball, and let my teammates do what they can do,” Ahmad said. “My leadership has changed in the way of okay, this is it. Whatever I don’t say probably won’t ever get said. I also just want to show the younger teammates what an excellent senior leader looks like.”

The Spartans returned many key pieces from an impressive 20-4 record the year before. With expectations very high, injuries halted the return to dominance right away. Ahmad gives credit to legendary head coach Mitch Fiegel for the team’s ability to continue to win.

“Playing for Coach Fiegel is a blessing,” Ahmad said. “He not only teaches us the X’s and O’s of basketball, but what it really means to be a man in life and how to be a team player for the greater good.”