Collegiate’s Julia Herrman – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Wichita Collegiate School

By Blake Chadwick

Collegiate junior Julia Herrman has been one of the most consistent players in the state this season. Despite being on a team with only nine players, Herrman has made the most of it, leading her team in almost every category.

“This season has been one of the best by far,” Herrman said. “Although we don’t have a great record, our team is so close, and we all love each other.”

The team faced a lot of challenges but that didn’t stop them from playing hard game in and game out.

“I have learned how to face adversity this year, it is hard not to get the result you want when you put in so much time and effort,” Herrman said. “It has been hard to keep positivity and confidence, but I learned to power through and never give up.”

This way of thinking caught the eyes and ears of her head coach, Dylan Heath.

“Off the court, Julia is a natural leader who motivates her teammates and creates a supportive environment,” Heath said. “Her ability to communicate effectively and foster camaraderie contributes significantly to team unity. Julia’s presence in the locker room and during team activities promotes a positive culture, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and shared goals.”