Eisenhower’s Reagan Rink – Athlete Spotlight Presented By KTA

By Matt Browning

Eisenhower’s Reagan Rink understands how important it is to have a positive attitude day in and day out. It sets the standard that is expected to be met throughout every player in the program.

“I think my character has a positive impact on all aspects of the team and I try to bring the younger players closer to the older players,” Rink said. “The team works so much better if we are one and are comfortable playing alongside another. I always strive to have a positive attitude and lift others up, especially during basketball. I am very thankful to have the relationship I have with the team and classmates around me.”

The Lady Tigers are close not only on the court, but off it, too. Rink attributes it to the positive culture in the program.

“Our teams bonds really well outside of the court, and we do many things to get closer,” Rink said. “I hope my character encourages my teammates to be more positive and create closer connections with each other.”

On the court, Rink views herself as person her teammates can lean on.

“I would like to be seen as a dependable player on the court,” Rink said. “Individually, I hold myself to high expectations and strive to play the best I can.”