Goddard’s Coltin Watkins – Call of the Wild Spotlight Presented By Cabelas

By Matt Browning

It all started for Goddard’s Coltin Watkins when he was just seven years old. That’s when he knew that hunting and fishing were going to be a passion.

Watkins hunts deer, turkey and duck, while fishing for catfish.

“I started really hunting and fishing when I was about seven years old. My dad was the person that really got me into hunting because he would always take me out to our land and teach me how to do the things needed to be a good hunter.”

Being outside and not having to worry about anything is part of the appeal of being an outdoorsman to Watkins.

“I like being in the outdoors especially in a tree stand because it’s just you and you really get to clear your mind and just be alone,” Watkins said

Much like any other accomplishment, Watkins has not forgotten the first time he shot a deer. It was even more special because of who he got to share it with.

“My favorite memory hunting would probably be shooting my first deer with my dad because it was a big deer and it’s something myself nor my dad will ever forget,” Watkins said.