Goddard’s Jacob Goodwin – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

Goddard’s Jacob Goodwin went 36-6 and won a state title last season.

How can it get any better?

“This year I am looking forward to the team going out and battling for a state title,” Goodwin said. “We have the team and coaches to do it and I’m excited to show everyone that we are ready for battle.”

Being one of the most talented wrestlers in the state, Goodwin spent the offseason challenging himself on a national stage.

“During the off season I started off by going to Virginia Beach for folk style nationals,” Goodwin said. “During the whole off season I stayed on the mat and started to work out more trying to get stronger.”

The combination of speed and strength is vital for the success of wrestlers and Goodwin is constantly working on those two fundamentals.

“I really want to improve on getting quicker and stronger but also always keeping myself in good position,” Goodwin said. “During the off season I work on controlling the ties and always trying to move my opponents.”

While Goodwin won a state title last season, there were some goals that he did not accomplish.

“I am also looking forward to stampede tournament in Kansas City,” Goodwin said. “I came up short of my goals last year and I have much bigger goals set for this year at that tournament.”