Haven’s Riley Loop and Grant Patry – Call of the Wild Spotlight Presented By Cabelas

By Hayden Swope

Haven’s Riley Loop knows a lot about hard work, whether it be on the field or hunting in the wild, Loop is always ready to put forth all his effort.

Involved in football at Haven High School, Loop also has a big passion for hunting, and it’s even one of his favorite hobbies. With many different ways to hunt, Loop has a certain three that he could do all day.

“My favorite outdoor activity is probably waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, or crappie fishing,” Loop said.

Growing up getting to hunt over the years has led to countless memories, but one in particular has always stayed with Loop.

“My favorite outdoor memory has to be when I shot my first goose band,” Loop said.

Loop has every intention of continuing on with the habits and activities that he loves, while also going into a career that involves being outdoors. After high school, Loop plans to attend schooling to become a welder.

“My future plans are to attend the Missouri Welding Institute, a welding school, and become a welder after a few years of schooling,” Loop said.

Grant Patry, also from Haven, has always had a love for sports and the great outdoors, and he has been grateful for the opportunity to get to do both over his four years of high school.

Patry’s favorite activities to do outdoors are hard to pick between, and with sports mixed in over the year, when Patry gets to go out and do what he loves, he’s at his happiest.

“I like to go goose hunting and also bow hunt deer,” Patry said.

Patry has gotten to do the thing he loves most with a great group of supporters, including a close family member over the years.

“One of my favorite memories is when I was hunting with my dad in second grade, and shot my first big buck that I got to get mounted,” Patry said.

While hunting takes up most of his time, Patry is also involved in football, basketball, and track and field throughout the school year.

One of Patry’s favorite game time memories include a fun introduction to a varsity team his freshman year.

“Starting my first varsity game week two as a freshman against Smoky Valley has been one of my favorite sports memories,” Patry said.

Still undecided on what his future holds after high school, Patry hopes to continue on with his love of outdoor activities.