Hesston’s Dylan and Beau Warden: Military Family Spotlight Presented By Davis-Moore

By Matt Browning

Hesston assistant football coach Dylan Warden coach has a long history of being in the Navy.

“I joined the Navy in September of 1997 to pursue a career in the medical/dental field,” Warden said. “While halfway through basic training they asked if I would join the FMF force. At the time I had no clue what that meant and said sure I will. The Navy takes care of the Marine units medical and dental needs. FMF stands for Fleet Marine Force and I was attached to the marine corps to supply medical and dental services both in the field and clinic settings.”

He then was asked to join the Hesston football staff when his son, Beau, was a junior and was able to coach his position, which was on both the offensive and defensive lines.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to watch your kid compete and learn the lessons sports teach us,” Warden said. “It is on another level when you can share those highs and lows with them during the battles on Friday nights.”

Beau said all he wanted to do was make his dad proud, who he has immeasurable respect for.

“My dad was an amazing coach and was very demanding of me,” Beau said. “All I wanted to do was make him proud and be as tough as him. I tried to play football with passion and toughness like he coached us.”

Beau also said how he was raised and the sacrifices that were made are paying off now and will continue to do so.

“Support your parents and listen when they talk,” Beau said. “The structure and discipline might not always be fun but it pays off. Say yes sir and yes ma’am and make them proud.”