How to Avoid Bleacher Butt – Presented by APT

How to Prevent Bleacher Butt

If you’ve ever attended a sports event, concert, or school function, chances are you’ve encountered the uncomfortable reality of “bleacher butt.” After sitting on hard, unforgiving bleachers for an entire event, that achy, sore feeling sets in. Even if you haven’t experienced this, school sports and athletic seasons are ramping up, and you may experience bleacher butt in the near future. It is vital to have strategies to reduce this pain so you can enjoy every event you attend!

Why Does it Hurt to Sit on Bleachers?

Bleachers can cause low back, leg, and butt pain when sitting. There are several reasons for this. Bleachers do not have backrests, which causes poor posture when sitting in them. People tend to slouch forward, hurting the butt and lower back. The glute muscles are also being compressed between the bones in your pelvis and the hard bleacher seat, which can cause pain. This compression can cause circulation loss, numbness, and tingling in the butt and legs. Sitting in bleachers is similar to sitting for prolonged periods at a sedentary job. However, offices tend to have ergonomic chairs at least. Muscles and joints can get stiff and cause pain whenever our bodies move very little.

How to Make Sitting on Bleachers More Comfortable

Unfortunately, there’s no magical solution to make sitting on a hard, uncomfortable surface more comfortable. However, there are solutions to cope and make it as comfortable as possible. Here are some ideas:

Bring a Cushion!

Cushions, as simple as they are, provide a padded surface that helps to distribute weight evenly across the sit bones. The cushion could be a one-inch thick piece of foam or a bleacher seat with a cushion and backrest. Cushioned seats for bleachers may be your ticket to comfort while you watch your favorite events for the rest of the summer.

Try for Better Posture

You should be mindful of your posture to minimize discomfort while sitting in bleachers (and other seats). Good sitting posture involves engaging the core muscles, not slouching, and keeping your spine vertical from the hips to the neck and head as much as possible. You should shift your weight from side to side and stretch if you feel uncomfortable. Building strength and stamina for postural muscles, like the abdominal muscles, help maintain good posture for longer.

Be Active Before and After the Event

A great way to make bleacher sitting more comfortable is to do something active right before and right after sitting. This will minimize stiffness and pain from sitting through stretching and getting adequate blood flow to your muscles. You could walk or play a sport, but warm up properly first!

Stand Up Occasionally

One of the best ways to reduce the painful bleacher butt is to take breaks to stand and walk during the event, hopefully at an intermission or half-time. You should aim to stand every half hour or so. You could take a walk to the concession stand or the bathroom. Of course, you can stand up and cheer for your favorite team! However, be mindful of the people behind and to the side of you to not block their view if they are not standing.

While bleacher butt is an all-too-common issue, it doesn’t have to ruin your event experience. By understanding why sitting on bleachers can be painful and trying out these practical tips for comfort, you can now make the most of your time at sporting events, concerts, or any other bleacher-seated occasions. Remember, a little preparation and mindfulness go a long way in ensuring a pain-free and enjoyable experience!