Kylee Naccarato – Blue Dragon Spotlight Presented By Hutchinson Community College

By Matt Browning

Kylee Naccarato still gets sentimental whenever she thinks about her time at Hutchinson Community College. To say it was a special time for her would be an underestimate.

“It was an experience that provided me with a strong sense of community and belonging as well as an enjoyable college experience,” Naccarato said. “Hutch CC fostered an inclusive environment that allowed me to form meaningful connections with people from all different walks of life.”

Naccarato, who played basketball for the Blue Dragons, had one specific memory that stood out to her more than others.

“One standout moment was our team’s journey to a tournament in Phoenix, Arizona,” Naccarato said. “Surprisingly, the basketball game play itself fades into the background. What truly lingers in my memory is the fun, quality time spent with my teammates. From attending my inaugural NBA game at the Phoenix Suns to exploring the town via trolleys for shopping, and enjoying meals at places like the Hard Rock Cafe – the entire experience was an absolute delight.”

Growing up in Hutchinson, Naccarato has a deep connection with the college and more specifically, the women’s basketball program.

“From attending numerous games to even being a ball girl in my younger years, the Sports Arena holds a special place in my heart,” Naccarato said. “The athletes who graced its iconic floors were my role models, making it a dream come true when the opportunity arose for me to become one of them.”