Olivia Beason, Bluestem HS – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

By Matt Browning

It was an awkward midair adjustment for Bluestem’s Olivia Beason at her team’s volleyball jamboree that changed the rest of her season.

“I was coming down and had landed off balance and immediately knew something was wrong,” Beason said. “I tore my ACL.”

Beason turned to Advanced Physical Therapy for her recovery and it was at the recommendation of her mother.

“My mom had previously received care at APT for her shoulder and was under Kambry & Stacy’s care,” Beason said. “She had such a good experience there that she knew that is where she was going to take me.”

While the process was a difficult and challenging one, Beason also saw the light at the end of the tunnel with her appointments.

“It was very motivating when I was at the point in my recovery where I could start weightlifting again,” Beason said. “I was starting to see improvement and recognized how beneficial it was. I also enjoyed when APT had me do the E-stem with ice. It was very relieving and helped manage my pain throughout my recovery.”

APT gradually reduced the amount of time and days of Beason’s rehabilitations, but she still takes what she learned with her at home.

“In the beginning I went to APT three times a week for 30–45 minute appointments,” Beason said. “At around five months into my recovery, I started going only once a week. Now at seven months in I only go once a month, but I continue with daily exercises and weight training while at school and home.”