Oxford’s Cayden Carpenter – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Visit Salina

By Blake Chadwick

Oxford boys’ basketball forward and senior Cayden Carpenter is one of the hardest-working players around. The senior’s role changes a lot, but he always knows exactly what to do to win games.

“What makes me a special player to me personally is I’m a team player,” Carpenter said. “I don’t care if I score once as long as we win. I’ve always got something to say to someone to boost their confidence and keep them playing without getting down on themselves.”

Carpenter uses his leadership to always play for something bigger than him. He also does this off the court as he volunteers his downtime to coach a youth basketball team.

“I take my free time to coach the younger kids because I believe in making a difference for the next generations,” Carpenter said. “My father did the same for me when I was younger and I wanted to take my chance to make a difference and plant a seed in the minds of the young kids who have the same dreams I did when I was their age.”

Coach Kyle Green has seen a lot of players in his 18 years as head coach but knows that Carpenter is a special type of player and person.

“Cayden is very important to our team, in my opinion,” Green said. “Not only as a player, but Cayden has developed into a quality leader as a senior for us. We currently have 4 kids averaging double figures in scoring because of the unselfishness of this bunch. That mentality with the players starts with Cayden; he gets everyone on the same page, and they have all followed his lead this year. It’s safe to say we would not be where we are without his leadership. I’m so proud of that kid for stepping up and taking on that role this year.”