Remington High School – SAFE Spotlight Presented By KTSRO

By Matt Browning

Remington SAFE advisor Jodi Janzen has been fortunate to have so many quality students on her staff throughout her time serving the club and this year is no different.

“I have been blessed to have wonderful students running my SAFE team each year and this year is no exception,” Janzen said. “These students have been terrific role models for their peers. I really appreciate their hard work and willingness to present to students in our district.”

This year’s team is comprised of seniors seniors Brianna Hochstetler, Kara Sommers and Gianna Van Zelfden and juniors Edison Jarvis, Kole Klaassen, and Laila McCormick.

“They have all been members or officers of our YAACL (Young Adults Advisory Council to the Library) since they were freshmen,” Janzen said. “The students are considered for the SAFE team if they have been active in YAACL during their high school years, as well as being good role models for other students in our school, and of course they have to always wear their seatbelts.”

Throughout the course of the school year, the Remington SAFE team is involved with events and activities at the school as well as across the state.

“To promote seatbelt usage, the Remington SAFE team brought in Think Fast Interactive this February to have an all school assembly,” Janzen said. “Our group has also participated in the 2023 Teen Safety Conference in Manhattan, used posters and displays to encourage seatbelt usage and provided donuts and other prizes to students for wearing their seatbelts.”