Riley Gard, McPherson HS – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

By Matt Browning

Riley Gard plays golf and soccer at McPherson, but her athletics per put on hold when she had to have bone spurs removed from her right hip and IT band extension.

Gard turned to Advanced Physical Therapy to help regain flexibility, mobility and strength in her hip.

There were several treatments and exercises that Advanced Physical Therapy used on Gard that has her back on the golf course and field.

“APT used scraping, cupping, star touches in the second session,” Gard said.

Gard’s time at Advanced Physical Therapy was unique in that she had a pre-surgery regiment and then a post-surgery regiment.

Both times she was at APT, it was an intense process for Gard.

“The first one was pre-surgery and it went for about six weeks,” Gard said. “And the second session after surgery was for about eight weeks.”