Wichita Classical’s Noah Doom – Military Family Spotlight Presented By Davis-Moore

By Blake Chadwick

Noah Doom from Classical is a military kid who, as he and his dad describe, has always been “sturdy.”

“Being sturdy is something I know my dad has to be in the Air Force,” Doom said. “A lot of people depend on him, whether it’s the passengers he is flying, the airplanes he’s refueling in the air, or the rest of his crew.”

Doom’s father is a pilot in the Air Force reserves.

“My dad was gone a lot while I was growing up,” Doom said. “It was hard seeing my dad leave for his long deployments and often not coming back for several months. He would send recorded videos of him reading books for us, and we would watch them before we went to bed.”

The junior is one of those kids who has been kind of “lucky” and thankful because he has only really had to live in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Despite being apart sometimes, Doom and his father have been able to bond over his involvement in competing on American Ninja Warrior. Doom’s father has competed for three seasons. The two have trained together at ninja gyms a lot, inspiring Noah to keep up his fitness and to stay on top of his sports.