Wichita North’s Jaycee Tyler – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Kauffman Insurance Agency

Last season at the Class 6A-5A Tournament, Wichita North’s Jaycee Tyler took third, an accomplishment on paper that looks very impressive. She also carried a record of 35-11.

But the Redhawks have a new coaching staff this season and Tyler thinks their insight and tutelage will take her game to a whole new level.

“I think there were a lot of things that I missed out on throughout my three years of wrestling when it came to my performance,” Tyler said. “I think that I am getting opportunity to try out new moves and positions this year.”

Tyler put a tremendous amount of pressure on herself last season, so rather than focusing on technique and skill over the offseason, she focused more on the mental aspect of wrestling.

“I used this off-season to focus on my mindset and well-being,” Tyler said. “I learned about the importance of taking care of my body and even wrote some affirmations that help push myself every day.”

It was those affirmations that Tyler wants to see translate to more success on the mat this season.

“I find my mindset being my biggest enemy and again, having those daily affirmations really helps give me that extra boost of confidence when I’m feeling low about my performance,” Tyler said.