YiBelong Spotlight Bill Hageman, Presented By YMCA

By Matt Browning

For 12 years, Bill Hageman has been volunteering the YMCA and he started because of his kids’ love for sports.

“I started volunteering because my kids love sports and I enjoy sports and it was a great opportunity to spend time together doing stuff we love,” Hageman said. “It’s fun being able to spend time with my kids and to see them develop within dynamics of being part of a team.”

Seeing the kids he coaches grow and develop are some of the gratifications Hageman has as volunteer. Coaching has now become even more of a family affair for Hageman.

“I will even run into kids I previously coached that do not play anymore and it feels good to know you had a positive impact on their youth,” Hageman said. “It’s fun to see these kids develop lifelong friendships through sports and competition. With my youngest playing now, my wife Celia is able to help coach with me which makes game day a fun family affair.”

Some of Hageman’s best memories his own children accomplishing a feat for the first time.

“My favorite memories from coaching are moments of joy with my kids,” Hageman said. “Maya’s first home run, Vincent’s first basket and Hank’s first goal especially considering I was able to be on the field with them when it happened. I was the first person to see them in that moment and the sheer joy and excitement I saw in their face will always be among my favorite moments in being a dad.”