Belle Plaine’s Mia Saucedo-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by Shelter Insurance, Ken Gooch

Only being a track runner for two years, Belle Plaine’s Mia Saucedo put in the work throughout the year to run at the best of her ability. Looking back on her two years, Saucedo is proud of the improvement she’s made.

“This was my second year ever doing track and I feel like I improved a lot compared to last year,” Saucedo said. “Last year I couldn’t even run a block without having to stop. This year I always ran the 800 and the 4 by 800. I also stepped in two four by fours when I was needed and on one of them the girls earned a few points which brought us into second place which left us going home with a plaque. This year I got a personal record for the first meet by 30 seconds and on one of my last meets I got a record again by three seconds. This year I was actually competing and not just surviving like I was last year.”

Focused on being better each and every day, Saucedo’s only goal was to never give up and keep on pushing past her limits.

“My only goal for the season was to be better than last year and not get last every week,” Saucedo said. “I definitely did way better than last year and for the first time I actually was able to pass people instead of watching them all cross the finish line before me.”

What was once something to just stay involved turned into something much bigger. Saucedo will always look back on the new family she made these past two years.

“My favorite memory of the season was when I got a personal record at one of the last meets and on my last lap I ran towards the finish line with a smile on my face and when I stepped off the track my legs gave out and I was crawling to my teammates,” Saucedo said. “I’m definitely not the best runner out there and I honestly only did track for fun, but being in it for these past two years has been really rewarding and I’m really glad I did it.”