Cassidy Boyer-Derby HS-Prep Performance of the month-Presented by Hog Wild

Throughout the offseason, Derby’s Cassidy Boyer focused on improving two specific skills.

“During the off season some ways I worked on those specific skills would be doing cone drills and using a ladder along with doing some power and finesse shooting drills,” Boyer said. “My siblings and I would go to the fields continuously to move around the soccer ball and get some cardio in on the track.”

Along with drills and work on her own time at the fields, Boyer also attended camps, where she received specific instruction, as well as played on club teams.

“During the off season I went to the Butler and Friends camp,” Boyer said. “I continued to have practice with my club team in preparation for President’s cup and Nationals. Towards the end of the summer, before my senior year, I would also practice with my ECNL team. With that I did a lot of off the field work by myself and with my siblings in order to push each other, and finally preseason conditioning with the team.”

One memory from this season that stood out to Boyer, was the Panthers’ dominant win over Newton.

The most exciting part of this season was when I scored the tenth goal against Newton to finish the game and everybody crowded around me with excitement,” Boyer said.