Shawn Marshall – Derby HS-Student of the month-Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

September 18th was day that Derby’s Shawn Marshall will never forget.

“I suffered a torn ACL and torn meniscus on September 18th during a football game and had to be carted off, unable to walk,” Marshall said. “I was told it would take months off physical therapy to get to where I was.”

Marshall then went to Advanced Physical Therapy for rehabilitation. APT proved to be beneficial for Marshall.

“I did a lot of lunges and box jumps and squats to build my explosiveness back, but what was most beneficial to recovery is to just walk and run on it to its limits and train it to work hard,” Marshall said. “I learned that stretching and after care of the leg is crucial to recovery and staying healthy.”

The process of rehabbing his knee was an arduous one. “I went to physical therapy all through my 22 week rehabilitation process leading up to my sports testing for my surgeon to clear me for sports,” Marshall said. “They had originally planned for me to be in therapy until clearance, but I stuck to my word saying ‘I will be back in sports by April’ every session and eventually I got cleared to compete in track events this year.”