Buhler’s Malachi Willis-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by The Alley

If someone would have asked Buhler’s Malachi Willis how his season was going in early January, his response would have been different than it was later in the season.

“I started off a little on the 180 average side which isn’t bad but not where I was wanting to be,” Willis said. “I definitely had my ups and downs getting back into the groove of bowling every day. Once I figured out was I was needing to do and stay consistent doing that I started to take my own flight in a sense.”

Willis’ release was a focal point to his season and really helped become a better bowler.

“Some of the things I had a hard time improving on was my release more specifically how I came out of the ball,” Willis said. “Instead of getting rotation on the ball I was putting spin on it which wasn’t allowing the ball to do what it needs to. I believe my consistency this year was by far the best it’s been the past two years.”

The postseason tournaments Willis has bowled in have been his most favorite memories by far. “Going to state last year and this year as a team will be my favorite so far as well as placing first at the AVCTL tournament was a lot of fun,” Willis said. “I cannot wait till next year’s season to see what memories are made.”