Sedgwick’s Noah Little-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by Hog Wild

Sedgwick sophomore Noah Little has been trying to find a sport he can fall in love with for his whole life. Thankfully, he found track in seventh grade and hasn’t looked back.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t really want to do track at first because I didn’t think I’d enjoy running for fun, but then one of my friends convinced me to do it, and I am incredibly glad that I decided to,” Little said.

Now, as a state champion in the triple jump, you can say that Little made the right choice to start doing track.

“To win a state championship is an indescribable feeling,” the sophomore said. “I’ve participated in track since I was a 7th grader and been triple jumping since I was an 8th grader, and to be just a sophomore in high school and accomplish one of my biggest dreams so early into my Track and Field career is just a great feeling overall.”

Despite being very nervous, Little won the triple jump state championship with a jump of 45’11.5. “Before the meet, I was pretty nervous coming in because I had only been jumping in the 44-foot range at regionals, and I knew with a great athlete like Tanner Heckel competing against me that it wouldn’t be a long enough jump to secure the title,” Little said. “The worst part about competing later in the day at state is you have the entire day to think about it, but whenever I got onto the infield and started warming up, I felt really good and fairly confident it would be a good day for me jumping.”