Derby’s Jared Hays – Athlete Spotlight Presented By WSU Tech

Over the past few swimming seasons, Derby’s Jared Hays has been so close to being an individual school record breaker. He has been a part of some record breaking relay teams, but now he wants to be by himself, too.

There is no better time than the present for Hays.

“My dad told me that they deserve to know who the first name of that ‘Hays’ kid is on that relay, and I want to show them my full potential,” Hays said. “I’m seeking to beat the 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 50 freestyle, 100 butterfly, and hopefully the 500 freestyle all within the next two years.”

Working on his breaststroke was a focal point of Hays’ offseason workouts with the South Kansas Storm swimming club.

“If you ask my coaches and teammates, they all say that I’m horrible at breaststroke,” Hays said. “They always joke about how I could be so fast in the IM if I just worked on my breaststroke. Fortunately I’ve been surrounded with great breaststrokers to take advice from, and technique coaches to really get a look at what’s been pulling me down.”

Endurance is important to Hays, considering all of the events he swims in. So that was another area he was seeking improvement in.

“I specialize in the 200 freestyle, which many say is the longest sprint event out there,” Hays said. “In order to be fast at the 200, you have to keep a sprint pace and hold it for the rest of the race. I can come out quickly, but fail to hold on to my pace.”