Conway Springs’ Melissa Ebenkamp – Athlete Spotlight Presented By All Seasons Custom Apparel

By Blake Chadwick

Conway Springs’ Melissa Ebenkamp is one of those guards who is relentless all game. The senior has the qualities that help her lead on both sides of the court all the time.

“I enjoy playing as a point guard because I like when the ball is in my hands to get the offense started to help make plays for my teammates,” Ebenkamp said. “We will have a successful year if we follow coach’s game plan, keep positive attitudes, continue our mental toughness, and have fun.”

Ebenkamp has proven herself as one of the better rebounders in the state at the guard position.

“I want to rebound the ball because it gives my team another chance to score on offense, and when I get defensive rebounds, I’m able to get the ball down quicker for faster shots,” Ebenkamp said.

The work ethic from Ebenkamp has been infectious over her career as a Cardinal.

“Melissa is a player that is driven to improve every day not only for herself but for her team,” head coach Sheri Mercer said. “She works hard day in and day out. She is determined, tough, and coachable.”

Mercer and Ebenkamp find themselves having a lot of conversations, with the senior being her eyes and ears a lot of time during the game.

“I am coachable because I always want to better myself, and if I was to get in the same situation, I’ll be able to do it correctly the next time,” Ebenkamp said. “I think I am a big part of the team because I have a lot of experience as a senior, leading the girls during the game, and all team members are vital to the team for success.”