Derby HS Football Booster Club – Spotlight Presented By Ascension Via Christi

By Matt Browning

The Derby High School Football Booster Club is an asset to one of the top programs in the state.

From fundraising, to organizing weekly meals, to engaging the community and much more, the DHSFBC is just another layer to the success of the Panthers.

“The best advantage we can give the Derby Football program is to enhance the great work that is already occurring,” said president Cherie Schnelle. “We do this through three main aims: enriching our student athletes’ participation in our football program, promoting and supporting a culture of a united family. The Panther family includes everyone – student athletes, the coaches, parents, and the local community. We want everyone to feel like they have a place in our program and providing a stable financial base to assist with extra program costs.”

The offseason, which starts in January, begins with elections and setting to calendar and the recognitions season is in December, where they organize the awards banquet. So much happens in the 10 months in between.

“I can’t say for certain that we alleviate any stress for our coaches,” Schnelle said. “Continuing to elevate a strong program is likely stressful, in and of itself. However, I believe our efforts allow the coaches to focus more on our athletes – helping them to improve while we help take care of the rest.”