Eisenhower’s Kaitlyn Newell – Athlete Spotlight Presented By KTA

Last season at the 5-1A bowling tournament, the Eisenhower Tigers took sixth as a team, over 400 pins behind first place.

Returning sophomore Kaitlyn Newell, who had the third best series average last season for Eisenhower, wants to do everything in her power to see that place increase in 2024.

“My goals for this year is to get over 150 each game and to help my teammates make State and place better than we did last year,” Newell said.

There were many aspects to Newell’s game that she honed in on during the offseason.

“I want to improve my ending formation and work on increasing my overall scores as well as learning the different oil patterns and figuring out what ball to use,” Newell said. “During the offseason I worked alongside my coach. He showed me the proper way to approach the lane and helped me correct the way I throw the ball down the lane.”

As a freshman, Newell’s highest game was 209, her highest series was 570 and her average was 170. She alongside four other returners have the Tigers excited about their season’s prospects.

“What I am most excited about for the upcoming season is bowling with my new teammates and participating in the different tournaments,” Newell said.