Eisenhower’s Zeke Schroeder – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Salina Tech

Last season, Zeke Schroeder and the Eisenhower bowling team took sixth at the 5-1A Tournament, which did not meet their expectations. So Schroeder only has one hope for the 2024 season.

“Going into my senior year of high school bowling I can only think of going out with a bang,” Schroeder said. “As a team we also fell short of a top three finish in state at sixth. So we are going to keep that goal and hopefully exceed it.”

While they fell short of what they wanted to accomplish, Schroeder was still proud of the effort of the Tigers.

“I wouldn’t trade that season for anything,” Schroeder said. “So if I had to choose what I look forward to the most, I would have to choose making memories one last time with my teammates.”

Once the high school season concluded last February, that didn’t stop Schroeder. He just kept bowling.

“I was in four leagues a week trying to prepare for junior gold,” Schroeder said. “After a disappointing performance at junior gold, I came back and continued by joining two more leagues.”

Consistency is key in any sport and bowling is no different. Schroeder made that a focus in his season preparations.

“I really would like to get consistent on my right side spares specifically the ten pin,” Schroeder said. “This off-season I did a lot of days where I’d only go bowling to shoot at the ten pin and often would play purgatory games.”