Hutchinson’s Ethan Tippie – Athlete Spotlight Presented By The Alley

By Matt Browning

As a senior, Ethan Tippie finally got to experience something he sat out to do – make the state tournament.

“I would say the best moment for me would be the time I got to go to state for the first time,” Tippie said. “I remember I was super nervous and excited at the same time but it was a lot of fun to be able to go to state with my team.”

There was no hesitation from Tippie on what he improved on the most this season.

“I would say my release of the ball is where I improved the most within one year,” Tippie said. “All my teammates agree with me as well.”

Tippie made a long list of goals before the season and he was able to accomplish a significant number of them.

“I feel like I did meet most of my goals,” Tippie said. “Some of my goals where to make it to state and we did that. Another goal I had was to improve my swing and release a little bit and I did that as well. Some of my team goals were again make it to state and we did. A second goal I had for the team was to help people improve and we did also do that as well, so over all this year of bowling was a success.”