Udall’s Ciara Hopkins – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Shelter Insurance, Ken Gooch

By Hayden Swope

Ciara Hopkins of Udall prepared for the year all offseason, and it already started to pay off during their tournament weekend.

“I think the most memorable moment was when we beat Sedan for the first time in six years at our tournament at Cowley College,” Hopkins said. “It was a close game. It was so much fun everyone was on the edge of their seats cheering.”

Basketball goes way back for Hopkins, and her years of experience have shown throughout her high school career.

“I’ve played since I was in fourth grade,” Hopkins said. “I play because I love the sport and the friends I’ve made along the way.”

As a senior, Hopkins hopes to finish off her season knowing she played to the best of her ability and was the best leader she could be for herself and her teammates and coaches.

“My main goals for the remainder of the season is to remain positive and try as hard as I can,” Hopkins said. “Stats aren’t as important to me as long as we are all having a good time together doing what we love. I think I could work on shooting outside more.”

Hopkins is undecided on her plans after graduation.