Andover’s Andrew Chan-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by Shelter Insurance, Jodi Ocadiz

Andover’s Andrew Chan was excited to take a new step in high school tennis going into the spring season, and his season was never boring as he went back and forth between singles and doubles.

“My season was not what I expected because I was switching between singles and doubles all year,” Chan said. “I am mainly a singles player. It was tough because I didn’t have a choice of whether I played either, so I hope next year will be more solid. I ended my season with a winning record of 21 and 12 across both singles and doubles.”

Chan’s biggest goal was one every athlete has, help your team make it to the final chapter of the season.

“Going into my season my main goal was to make state in singles but halfway through the season the coaches committed me to doubles,” Chan said. “So then my next goal was to just make it to state. Other than that I didn’t have any other expectations for the season.”

Chan will cherish all the memories he made with the team this year but knows there’s many more to come on the road ahead.

“My favorite memory from the past season was going out with my teammates to either eat before or after a tournament or just to hang out,” Chan said. “I feel like we had a pretty close team and I’m grateful for that. During the day I went cloud watching with a teammate to cheer him up after a loss.”