Clearwater’s Makayla Wassenberg-Spotlight presented by Ascension Via Christi

One of the most rewarding parts for Makayla Wassenberg’s job, the trainer at Clearwater High School, is how developing a passion for the community.

“I still remember one of my first days in Clearwater,” Wassenberg said. “I was taking the former athletic trainer’s dog on a walk and I had this calm sensation as I went on the walking path by the athletic facilities. I knew from then on this place was going to be my home.”

Wassenberg has a dual-role at Clearwater – as the athletic trainer and CTE science teacher, so her schedule is unorthodox compared to a typical trainer or teacher.

“I have two classes and a plan period each day due to block scheduling,” Wassenberg said. “At 2:35 Tuesday-Friday I go down to the athletic training room to change and get ready for practices. Then depending on what teams have games that day I make sure I at least stop by each practice and check in.”

Being able to build relationships with the student athletes is something that Wassenberg views as a strength.

“I have great bonds with multiple families from my previous schools that I keep in touch with on a regular basis,” Wassenberg said. “I used to be the shyest kid, but now I talk to anyone. I try to find things the kids like to do outside of their sports to show them I care about them more than just their sport.”