Conway Springs’ Kirsten Whitney-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by SCCDAT

Conway Springs’ Kirsten Whitney joined SCCDAT in a unique way.

“I have been in SCCDAT since junior year,” Whitney said. “One of the local police officers came to school and reached out to a few students to join.”

The SCCDAT program at Conway Springs puts on multiple events throughout the school year.

“SCCDAT does many different activities throughout the school year including promoting red ribbon week and giving the students positive notes for Valentine’s day and Easter,” Whitney said.

Being able to make an impact on students is just one reason why Whitney is involved with SCCDAT.

“I have felt very impactful while being a member of SCCDAT,” Whitney said. “I get to bring many positive messages to the students at my school and I enjoy all the activities we do to make sure they feel noticed.”

If any student was interested in joining SCCDAT at Conway Springs, Whitney said it would be well worth it.

“If someone was interested in joining SCCDAT, I would definitely recommend them to do it,” Whitney said. “It is a great way to show the students in your school how much they matter.”