Goddard’s Emerson Wedel-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by All Seasons Custom Apparel

Goddard goalkeeper Emerson Wedel has the stats that speak for everything.

At the time this profile was written, Wedel had 177 saves on the season, which was the best in Kansas and 76th in the nation.

But Wedel has chosen to focus on being a better example for other players in the program.

“This year I have really been focusing on how to become a better role model and captain,” Wedel said. “The past few years I have truly excelled as a player and as a person. I really wanted to reflect that this year on the field. During the off season I really focused on this by making the most of club season and reflecting on every game. Most of my reflections consist of watching film and making conclusions on how I can be a better player and teammate.”

Much of the reason Wedel has become a preeminent goalie in the state can be attributed to the work she put in throughout the offseason. Wedel also plays volleyball, so her time is spread thin. “During the offseason I put a lot of time into trainings, workouts, and camps,” Wedel said. “Over the summer I trained almost every day if not twice a day. Twice a week I personally trained with a goalkeeper coach to improve and gain new and old skills. I also had club soccer still going on so i was training with them three times a week. I work out three to four times a week targeting specific muscles to increase my vertical and side to side speed.”