YiBelong Spotlight-Ishaku Maikori-Presented by YMCA

Ishaku Maikori started coaching at the YMCA in 2007 so that he could coach his two oldest sons.

Now more than 15 years later, Maikori finds volunteering just as rewarding as he did in 2007.

“I think the best benefit is the relationship and bonds formed with youth and their families and everyone being so supportive of the process of developing youth to respect and love the game or sport they are participating,” Maikori said. “Volunteering as a coach has given me a chance to impact youth in a positive way and see them grow and mature throughout the process, including moving on to middle and high school sports.”

Another reason Maikori started coaching his kids at a young age was that never received such tutelage when he was a kid.

“I participated in all kinds of sports growing up and didn’t receive coaching until participating in junior high or middle school, so I jumped at the opportunity to coach and teach what had been provided to me, as a way to give back to youth at an earlier age,” Maikori said.

Maikori said being able to develop relationships has been the most rewarding aspect of volunteering at the YMCA. “I’d tell them (anyone interested in volunteering) the benefits of committing your time to coach and teach youth, and the incredible bonds/relationships that are formed that will last a lifetime,” Maikori said “I’m 15+ years into coaching and I wouldn’t change anything about the experience and friendships formed from volunteering at the YMCA.”