Northwest’s Violet Gunn-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by AOA

Despite missing her girls soccer season with an injury, Wichita Northwest’s Violet Gunn has found peace with how things turned out.

“During my club season of 2023 I re-injured my ankle on our very first game,” Gunn said. “I tried rehabilitation, but playing wasn’t the same. I had originally torn three main ligaments in the 2022 season, preventing me from continuing the season. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon in November of 2023 and we got my surgery scheduled for January 9th. Since then, I’ve completed all of my physical therapy and have continued back at weight lifting. Unfortunately, I no longer play soccer, partly because I’m afraid to get injured, but also because I am a firm believer in one door closing for another to open. I love the girls, and I want nothing but to watch every single one of them succeed and achieve their endeavors.”

Being a presence was important for Gunn. She wanted every player in the program to know that no matter the circumstances, she would be there.

“The one important goal I had for this season was to show up,” Gunn said. “I might not always arrive on time but (Coach) Commons knows I’ll be there, the girls know. For the team, again I really wanted everybody to have a successful and fun environment. I’ve been blessed to meet some of my closest, most loving friends through soccer.”